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MCYS offers a variety of crisis counseling services to all youth, up to the age of 18, and their families. Parents and family are the first and most important influence in every child's life, providing a foundation of love and support. We believe that positive youth development is an ongoing and intentional process. Young people need support, acceptance, high expectations, affection and warmth. They also need opportunities to explore, create, contribute, and belong.

Need help now?

MCYS provides a

24-hour on-call crisis counselor 7 days week.


• Runaways

• Family violence

Crisis Response Team

MCYS partners with school counselors to address loss and trauma


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Develop the skills you and your family need to be successful in life, your family and the community

Crisis counseling services to help you and your child work through problems in a positive way

Individual and Family Crisis Counseling – Addresses many types of issues related to a youth's family conflict including:

    • Child behavior problems

    • Communication

    • Coping with divorce or other loss

    • Parent and child relationships

    • Peer and school problems

    • Roles and expectations

    • Runaway behaviors

    • Truancy

Your child will be in a safe place to explore and resolve feelings, thoughts and behaviors. The counselor will meet with parents and guardians to ensure family awareness, cooperation, and to share the results of the counseling progress.


Group Counseling – Groups that are requested by individual schools deal with issues such as aggressive behaviors, divorce, grief, effective communication, social skills, and gender-specific issues. Group counseling and skills development are provided by MCYS Youth and Family Services counselors and case managers at schools throughout Montgomery County. Youth may be referred to group counseling by school counselors, parents or self-referral. Ask about our school group services as well which include classroom/school presentations, professional training series opportunities, and more.


Hispanic Mother’s Support Group- Every Wednesday morning, from 9:00 am to 11:00 am, a group of Hispanic mothers get together at the Montgomery County Youth Services Conroe office in Conroe to participate in a very meaningful support group. The group was formed in order to meet the common needs of the Hispanic Spanish speaking women of our community.  Women are encouraged to bring a friend or neighbor. Since it is an ongoing open group, one may join at any time. Through working with the women, it was identified that many of them share the same concerns when it comes to raising their children and dealing with all aspects of family relationships. On a weekly basis they report success stories and positive changes they are making in the dynamics of their own families.


Hispanic Mother & Daughter Group - With the growing Latino population and the concerns mothers have shown for their children to develop strong dating relationships, opposed to conflicting cultural and traditional values, these workshop provide an opportunity to help prevent teen dating violence and to help the mother learn how to set appropriate limits and boundaries when their daughter begins to date. It will also help the teen think about what she is looking for in a relationship and how to identify what is important and acceptable and also ways to avoid dating violence and teen pregnancy.

A safe, nuturing environment for your child to play and interact with others

Team Building - MCYS's Camp Watsitumi is a therapeutic summer day camp open to current and past clients and their siblings. The camp offers a variety of physical activities designed around a challenge adventure course. The activities are geared towards enhancing problem solving, communication, and teamwork skills.

Camp Watsitumi is structured to give youth, ages 7 - 17 the opportunity to interact with peers in a fun learning environment, while addressing each individual's physical, emotional and social safety.


*Contact any of our MCYS offices for more information about camp.

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Crisis Counseling