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Youth and Family Services


Provides short-term crisis intervention and mental health services for youth up to age 18. Individual, group, and family counseling is also available at no charge. Other services include:

• Camp Watsitumi - a therapeutic summer camp

• Healthy Supports prevention services

• Group counseling and skills development in schools

• Suicide prevention

• 24 hour, 7 days a week on-call response to the Crisis Runaway Hotline: (888) 756-8682

• Community Outreach and Education

• Truancy Programs

• Parenting Workshops

• Prevention Skills Development

• Workshops

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Montgomery County Youth Services and our commitment to youth and their families

At MCYS we are committed to working with youth and their families through human services and mental health programs. MCYS was established in 1979 by a group of community leaders who developed juvenile justice prevention services for at-risk youth in the community. MCYS obtained their not-for-profit 501 (c) (3) status in September 1979.

Services available to youth and families:

Conflict in the home, runaways, peer pressure, self-esteem issues, school issues, behavior, grief and divorce, homelessness, abuse, neglect, violence, crisis / emergency intervention, decisions


The agency's six locations provide direct and indirect services to thousands of youth and families annually.

MCYS has strong collaborative relationships with community agencies, businesses, churches and school districts.

MCYS is not a government agency. We are supported by the generous donations of individuals, organizations, churches, corporations, and foundations in the local community and the greater Houston area.  We are a Montgomery County United Way partner and receive funding through the Montgomery County Community Development grant. MCYS also is funded in part through federal, state, and county level grants.


Our vision is to be a child's bridge from challenges today to achievements tomorrow.

Governing Principles of MCYS


Montgomery County Youth Services provides crisis counseling, shelter programs, and prevention services to strengthen families, keep youth in school, and prepare them to be productive citizens.


We seek to empower youth and their families by building on their existing strengths, expanding their opportunities, and enhancing their lives.


• Provide and implement effective, essential, and quality child and youth-centered programs.

• Value employees as our most important resource and as such, continually create opportunities for professional growth and development.

• Enhance financial diversity and viability to assure future operations and growth.

• Act with integrity, stewardship, and leadership in agency and community partnerships.

• Value stakeholders and clients by striving for excellence and accountability in everything we do.

Core Values

MCYS is organized into two primary, interrelated entities to facilitate the effective delivery of needed services:

Shelter Services


Provides youth in crisis with a safe, healthy, and nurturing environment.


BridgeWay Youth Shelter is a short term shelter program, serving youth age 10 to 17 to provide intensive intervention to both the youth and family in order to assist them in resolving the issues they face. We provide counseling, shelter, food, clothing, hygiene supplies and more.

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